Ancestors Stir the Pot, a poem

The search for roots and acceptance of death Fortunately, I had a chance to share this poem, Ancestors Stir the Pot, with my beloved brother, Philip Serrano, just before he died suddenly. I am left with the acceptance of death. … Continue reading

“Nicaragua Way” Novel by Nina Serrano Forthcoming From Estuary Press

Revolution & Romance Novel Set in Nicaragua and USA, 1970’s – 1980’s The other day my KPFA colleague and fellow poet, Dennis Bernstein asked, “So Nina, what are you writing? ” I had to stop and think and switch from … Continue reading

Valerie Haynes Perry, prize winning novelist

Celebrate and enjoy African-American History month. Listen today at 3pm, KPFA 94.1fm  My guest on Open Book/Poet to Poet is Valerie Haynes Perry, prize winning author. Valerie reads from three of her page-turning novels and discusses her themes and writing … Continue reading