Ferry: A Poem by Nina Serrano In Memory of Phil Serrano

Ferry: A Poem by Nina Serrano For My Beloved Brother Philip Serrano (May 23, 1945- January 11, 2017) (We’ll go no more a roving ….Lord Byron) I was shocked and grieved as I disembarked from the ferry to see the long … Continue reading

Nina Serrano Reads Ancestors Stir the Pot with Music by Carne Cruda

Hear me read my poem, Ancestors Stir the Pot, with music by Carne Cruda Ancestors Stir the Pot, with music by Carne Cruda 1943, New York City, L-R Mother, Ida Serrano, Father Joe Serrano, Uncle Paul (Augustine Polo), Nina: Serrano. … Continue reading

Ancestors Stir the Pot, a poem

The search for roots and acceptance of death Fortunately, I had a chance to share this poem, Ancestors Stir the Pot, with my beloved brother, Philip Serrano, just before he died suddenly. I am left with the acceptance of death. … Continue reading

A Winter Solstice Poem for You

Advent of the Winter Solstice By Nina Serrano My Dear, What shall we do through the longest night when the moon and the star remain in sight and dawn hovers in the wings waiting for its interminable cue? My Dear, we … Continue reading

Happy International Womens Day 2016

Happy International Womens Day 2016 to All Women and Men Greetings on this glorious International Womens Day 2016 that so many struggled for since the loss of the woman-centered civilizations and cultures millenniums ago. Yes, scholars, anthropologists, theoreticians and dreamers say that … Continue reading

Monarch Butterflies: My First New Year’s Resolution

My First New Year’s Resolution 2016 I went with my family and friends to see the monarch butterflies The few there were fluttered in the sunlight gaining the strength to fly on newly sprouted wings My great-grandchildren looked at them … Continue reading

Five Poems About The Nature of Love

Nina Serrano’s Poems from Heart Strong These poems just had to be recorded. They investigate life’s most important theme: love.  As a child I was told that “God is Love” and that seems to have stuck in my psyche.  This selection … Continue reading

PEN Oakland Acceptance Speech and Report

Video: Nina Serrano Accepts 2014 Josephine Miles Award Click here to see my PEN Oakland Acceptance Speech and my latest poem: “Black Lives Matter.” The PEN Oakland Award 2014 event left a deep impression on me. The very issues addressed … Continue reading

Black Lives Matter by Nina Serrano

Black Lives Matter by Nina Serrano Black lives matter It is ridiculous to have to state it is so obvious because all life matters and is sacred But it becomes necessary when every morning on FaceBook another video of police … Continue reading

Ceremony: Pen Oakland Award 2014, Heart Strong

Saturday, Dec 6, 2014  Rockridge Public Library Oakland, CA Heart Strong, Selected Poems 2000-2012 by Nina Serrano I am thrilled and grateful to receive the Josephine Miles PEN Oakland Award 2014 for Excellence in Literature for my latest book of … Continue reading