Ancestors Stir the Pot, a poem

The search for roots and acceptance of death Fortunately, I had a chance to share this poem, Ancestors Stir the Pot, with my beloved brother, Philip Serrano, just before he died suddenly. I am left with the acceptance of death. … Continue reading

On Writing Nicaragua Way 5: Another World Is Possible

Another World Is Possible In this fifth video of a five part series, I discuss the basic premises behind Nicaragua Way and the sources of inspiration that brought me to write a Latino social justice historical novel. It is a story about the struggle … Continue reading

Blessed Be Ralph Maradiaga and Galería de la Raza

Blessed Be Ralph Maradiaga

Blessed Be the Latino Cultures of San Francisco On October 8, 2014 I  participated in the Lunada Literary Lounge at the Galería de la Raza in San Francisco, offering my recollections and a poem, Blessed Be Ralph Maradiaga. Ralph was the … Continue reading

The Mission Story

Reviewing the past reveals its relevance The Mission Story is about my arrival in the barrio in 1961 when I first began gathering impressions that became the setting for my historical novel, Nicaragua Way which is set in the Mission district of San Francisco … Continue reading

Nina Serrano, Author, opens a Youtube channel

The Nina Serrano YouTube Video Channel The Nina Serrano YouTube video channel features inspirational videos of poetry performances, interviews on theater and culture, and her life in the arts. She is an award winning poet and film maker concerned with … Continue reading

Nicaragua Way Reviews

Nicaragua Way Reviews Here are Nicaragua Way reviews by readers of my book. Thank you all! By Sheila Jordan Fighting depression after the loss of an election sounds familiar to today’s landscape. Something similar frames the plot of Nina Serrano’s … Continue reading

Nina Serrano, Reborn at 82

Writing Nicaragua Way: A Romance Historical Novel about Nicaragua and San Francisco At age 82, I have published my first novel, a romance historical novel, Nicaragua Way. There is an old saying that “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was … Continue reading