Poetry Performances

Poetry Perfomances: Audio and Video Posts

Welcome to my Poetry Performance page where you can find audio and video poetry performances about many themes including the environment, women, and the Latino/USA community.  My first leap into dance poetry is also here and I hope to do more of this.

Nina Serrano at Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls poetry performance with Paul Bertin on sax.

Nina Serrano at Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls poetry performance with Paul Bertin on sax.

As my poetry performances become audio or video presentations, my expressions expand through collaboration with musicians, poets, film makers, dancers and other creative people working in the technology of the web.

The I will be adding new audio and video recordings as they become available of my poetry performances in the San Francisco Bay Area.  To catch my live performances, click on my calendar or scroll to the bottom of the side bar to the right where the calendar also appears.

The Mission Story

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2 Poems Celebrating International Women’s Month, March, 2014

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Dance Poetry Video: To Die of Joy in the River

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Menopause and the Juicy Red Bloody Mess

Menopause: Red Flower of the Last Blood, a Poem by Nina Serrano Today’s women’s movement brings menopause and menstruation into the global conversation about life, health and sexuality.  This poem describes the experience from the inside from my personal female … Continue reading

“Stop Monsanto!” A Poem by Nina Serrano

On a beautiful day in Oakland California, I participated in March Against Monsanto Rally, happening simultaneously worldwide. I was excited because I’d prepared a poem for the event that would finally free me from reading a piece of paper. For … Continue reading