Monarch Butterflies: My First New Year’s Resolution

My First New Year’s Resolution 2016

Monarch Butterflies: My First New Year's Resolution

Photo by Jessica X. Garcia

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I went with my family and friends
to see the monarch butterflies
The few there were
fluttered in the sunlight
gaining the strength to fly
on newly sprouted wings
My great-grandchildren
looked at them in wonder
I remembered how once in December
forty years earlier
I saw in a wide sunny meadow in Big Sur
a large tree covered with yellow blossoms
beckoning to me
When I came close
all the flowers flew away
many many monarch butterflies
Now the monarch population endures
but gravely reduced
by logging pollution and climate change
But I want all the world’s great-grandchildren
one day to see a tree of yellow beauty
take off in flight
So “Bring back the Monarchs”
becomes my first new year’s resolution!








Monarch Butterflies: My First New Year’s Resolution — 3 Comments

  1. I agree that the monarchs are very special and sadly endangered by growth. I enjoyed your very sweet poem.

  2. Thank you, Nina. Once again your kind heart and your keen eye combine to produce something beautiful.

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