KPFA honors Women Elders

Avotcja, Jennifer Stone and Nina Serrano

jennifer stone

Jennifer Stone, KPFA honors women elders

On March 8th, International Women’s Day 2015, KPFA honors women elders of KPFA: Avotcja, Jennifer Stone, and Nina Serrano. Listen at 4pm to the specially prepared broadcast of their life stories. Join us at 5pm in the KPFA Performance Studio for an hour-long celebration of their work and lives. Sisters of the Drum will provide an opening drumming ceremony.


Avotcja, KPFA honors women elders

Poet/Musician Avotcja, poet/author Jennifer Stone, and poet/author Nina
Serrano have been at KPFA enriching our airwaves, bringing us their powerful, unique voices, and other women’s voices. Nina first began broadcasting in 1961 on KPFA- over 50 years ago.


Nina Serrano, KPFA honors women elders

Please come and help us honor the women of KPFA. 1929 Martin Luther King jr. Way in Berkeley.

 About the video: “Women I Know” and “I Am So Visible”

Performing my poems from my book Heart Strong celebrating International Women’s Month with Sascha Jacobsen’s Musical Art Quintet made for a euphoric experience. I accompanied Sascha’s Quintet, with guest pianist Cesar Cancion, at Salle Piano in San Francisco on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2014. The sensuality and rich beauty of the Quintet’s music created a magic carpet that carried me away to other realms whose only entrance is through music. The musicians’ skill and passion supported and transported me, giving me freedom to perform it fully.


KPFA honors Women Elders — 5 Comments

  1. To the great warrior woman who is a continual source of inspiration and encouragement, and who knows all “my ghosts.” All my Love, Lenore

  2. I breathed in and swallowed your performance and poem of liberation. It leaves me satiated, validated and proud. Thank you for your salute to visibility, vulnerability and strength.
    I look forward to this Women’s Day and hoping we receive a poem!

  3. Your Heart Songs, dearest Nina, are such a great inspiration! my love to you and to our foremothers–

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