A Winter Solstice Poem for You

Advent of the Winter Solstice By Nina Serrano My Dear, What shall we do through the longest night when the moon and the star remain in sight and dawn hovers in the wings waiting for its interminable cue? My Dear, we … Continue reading

The Mission Story

Reviewing the past reveals its relevance The Mission Story is about my arrival in the barrio in 1961 when I first began gathering impressions that became the setting for my historical novel, Nicaragua Way which is set in the Mission district of San Francisco … Continue reading

Heart Suite Now on Google Play, Kobo Books and Barnes and Noble, iTunes

Heart Suite eBook Availability Expands to Google Play, Kobo Books and Barnes and Noble Until now, Nina Serrano’s trilogy of poetry books, Heart Suite, has only been available on Amazon’s Kindle Books. Now Estuary Press has expanded the availability of … Continue reading

A Poem for You: Antepasados/Ancestors

ANTEPASADOS/ANCESTORS We are one because America is one continent tied by the slender curves of Panama. We are one people tied by the buried bones of antepasados the buried bones of ancestors. from Asia to America from Africa to America … Continue reading

A Poem for You: A Sudden Warm Day in Winter

A Sudden Warm Day in Winter Sunshine awakening me to a chorus of birds Bluebirds of happiness Quetzals of glory Phoenixes of regenerating hope Hummingbirds of fierce determination to suck the sweetness from life … Continue reading

A Poem for You: On New Years Day Unicorns Fly

On New Years Day Unicorns Fly The year ends in pajamas and nibbles of holiday leftovers and tying up loose ends tossing out clutter that gets in the way of winged unicorns preparing for flight and the soaring journey of … Continue reading

A Life in Poetry

Writing Poetry Started in 1968 I began writing poetry in 1968 at age 36, when I wrote a video drama with Roque Dalton for Cuban TV. Dalton was an exiled Salvadoran writer living in Havana. My concern for his safety … Continue reading

Dance Poetry Video: To Die of Joy in the River

Dance Poetry: A Moving Experience (Scroll down for the video.) Dance Poetry is an ancient form but new to me.  On April 19, 2013 I had the thrilling experience of reciting my poem with the inter-generational dance company, Dance Generators, as … Continue reading

Heart Songs, The Collected Poems of Nina Serrano (1969-1979)

Heart Songs: The Collected Poems of Nina Serrano, 1969-1980, was first published by Editorial Pocho Che, a Latino literary collective, as part of a three-book 10th anniversary series.  The other two books were Raul Salinas’ now classic Un Trip through the … Continue reading

The Mission Story Poem text

The Mission Story by Nina Serrano I arrived in the Mission in 1961 The first thing I discovered were the hills of Dolores Street At the corner grocery I filled a bag with round oranges stuffing it into the flimsy … Continue reading