Black Lives Matter by Nina Serrano

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Black Lives Matter
by Nina Serrano

Black lives matter
It is ridiculous to have to state
it is so obvious
because all life matters
and is sacred
But it becomes necessary
when every morning on FaceBook
another video of police taking a Black life
hands raised in surrender
handcuffed behind the back
or a pregnant body thrown on the ground and beaten
Black lives matter
in Oakland we know
Four nights of protest rain or dry
of huge police presence on the street
and droning helicopters above
In Oakland we know
Black lives matter
Traffic slowed
Freeway blocked
City life disrupted
to underline and pronounce
to the nation
that Black lives matter.

©Nina Serrano, 2014


Black Lives Matter by Nina Serrano — 4 Comments

  1. Fine poem, Nina. Yes indeed! And weren’t you splendid yesterday. Congratulations!!!


  2. Thanks Nina. The helicopters have been flying overhead over by the lake near where we live in OAK.

    best, b

  3. They do indeed. And yes, we are reminded and reminded. Adelle and I are sorry we couldn’t get to the event and hear you read this. Excellent poem. Oakland, where the terror reigns–but also the community, the love.

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